Beautiful Saints


All the way up through high school, I always longed for two things when it came to Christian music: 1. A worship band that rocked. 2. Good Christian hip hop that wasn’t laced with cheesy lyrics.

For some reason these two things were absent in my circles for a long time. There weren’t many worship bands that appealed to me. The heart of most of this music was probably good, and plenty of people did enjoy it (Hi Mom!), but it never did translate to me and many of my friends. Similarly, Christian hip hop was essentially a cheap knock-off of good, mainstream rap music. The music of the prominent Christian hip hop artists was meaningful, but the content (What up KJ-52!) often prevented me from really wanting to listen to it.

A handful of years ago things began to change and I finally got to listen to the music I’ve been wanting for a long time. Two groups that have predominantly lead this change for myself played a show together last winter, so I made sure to get a ticket and take my camera with me.

Beautiful Eulogy

Citizens + Saints

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